People today make fun of RS3

xiamu | 26 Июль, 2020 18:19

Another suggestion to change the revenants will even make the wilderness more active. I would make an item that is required to be present in worn or inventory to be able to hurt revenants. That item is given to players when talking to this emblem trader in the cave that was revenant. That item requires fees, and each charge on that item means you are able to do 1 damage to a revenant. That thing can be charged by Skilling or even pvming from the wilderness, except for revenants. And the deeper in the wilderness one goes the item fees. That merchandise is kept on departure, and the charges are never lost. By way of instance, if a player reaches a jungle boss in the wild, this thing increases 1000 rates, which translates to the revenant into 1000 harm. Or the player gain 5000 charges and can finish a wilderness Slayer job. Mining runite ore provides 200 charges each, fishing dark crabs gives 100 points each, using a dragon bone chaos altar gives 50 costs each. The item will promote action and the reward for Skilling or pvming in jungle is the capability to kill revenants for enormous amounts of stone. It won't be overpowered because you are able to kill 20 Callisto per hour and obtain 20000 charges, so you can do 20000 points of harm to revenants. People today make fun of RS3 for having arbitrary goofy shit however OSRS has it. People have been Skilling and bank standing in shit. The problem with Rs3 is that they added permanent cosmetic overrides so people are bossing in Bikinis and other silly costumes. I also dislike the wings which feel very big and out of place, but a lot of people walk around together on constantly.then you have the problem that 99% of individuals running around are at complete graceful of maybe another colour but largely default and anytime you do slayer everyone is dressed exactly the same since all of them wear BiS except slight variation. OSRS is definitely a bad acid trip. One of these terrifying ones which sneaks up an you with it is fine beginnings slowly descending into abject horror. Picture walking through Lumbridge. Past some sheep, with a penguin that is humorous sheep imposter that amuses you. Oh look, bustling with people that are interesting, a castle to speak to. Hmm, now we are heading to the graveyard. That's okay, potentially somewhat spooky but there's a cool swamp on the opposite side. Pretend you did not see or hear the mad ghost in the shack we are at the snowball today. Swamps are sludgy but pretty magnificent.Cute little frogs... urrrm, marginally less cute oversized mutant frogs and humanoid goblin creatures. And fuck, absolutely gigantic fucking rats with huge scars to show they're no scared of a struggle. Fuck this, gonna receive my spelunk on in that cave I visit over there. This is when your otherwise ordinary trip takes that sudden turn for the worst. You couldn't avoid it if you had noticed, although the warnings were there. You descend I to the cave but shortly end up curled up at a terrified ball at the corner trusting the ucking horrifying poisonous bugs and slimy snail fucks that inhabit this nightmare cave just ignore your pitiful quivering from pity. You will get more OSRS iinformation on https://www.winrsgold.com/
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